Meet the Team

Founding Team Members

Nekochan: Director of Fun
Nekochan, the playful one, will play endlessly with toys that catch his interest. So, when he finds himself continuously drawn to play with a product, he knows he has a "winner".

In memory 2010

Chiquita: Director of Quality Control
Chiquita, the finicky one, ensures that each Nekochan product is made from quality materials that mimic the feel or movement of the real thing.

In memory 2009

Timmy: Director of Product Testing

Timmy, the rambunctious one, enjoys his job testing each product for its durability. Pouncing, chewing, skidding across the room and scratching are the skills that he uses to make sure the products last for a reasonable amount of play time.

In Memory 2013

Bubba: Director of Safety

Bubba, the shy one, examines each product carefully to ensure that the pokey bits are covered for eye and face safety.


Newest Team Members

Kiyo (key oh): Director of Social Events and Cat Outreach.
Dubbed Mr. Social by the other team members, Kiyo makes sure everyone on the Nekochan team is happy and healthy, as he makes his daily rounds checking in on everyone.Assuring that the Nekochan team is working hard at creating more unique and fun toys for cats around the world.

Tomi: Director of Research and Development
Tomi the fearless one, loves to try any and all things around her. Her determination helps Nekochan in developing products that bring all felines the utmost in physical and emotional enrichment for their indoor lifestyle.

Tenka: Director of Product Planning

Tenka the meticulous one, enjoys being involved in each step of Nekochan's design process, helping to ensure that no small detail gets left behind. Every Nekochan product has his stamp (paw) of approval!

Tane: Director of Aesthetic and Design

Tane has been brought in to assist Ellen with the design and beauty of each product. Her gentle demeanor belies a fierce appreciation of beauty. She wants her playthings to be as entrancing as she is. Another LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) adoptee, joining big brother Tenka who also happened to be from LAPS. Ensuring Nekochan products are beautiful and stylish.

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