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How It All Began

As someone who has shared her home with cats and dogs since childhood, I found myself trying to purchase toys that would keep my feline family members consistently active and interested in play. As anyone who has a cat knows, this is a near-impossible task. The importance of mental stimulation and physical exercise for indoor cats is something we are just beginning to research, though many cat lovers have long understood this concept.

Knowing that cats never get bored with the real thing, I set out to create toys that look and move like my cats’ favorite prey. I took a very intentional approach in designing the toys to satisfy a cat’s desire to hunt and an owner’s desire to have a safe, fun, and consistent outlet for interactive play. Every aspect of Nekochan’s product is purposefully chosen to create a toy which is as attractive as possible for cats while sourcing materials which were not harmful, like using a minimum amount of water-based, non-toxic glue, and clips and strings which will not catch on a cat’s pads. In addition, each toy is extensively tested by the members of the Nekochan family, and their feedback is used to improve each toy before it reaches your hands.

I could not be more excited to share our products with you. They have truly been a labor of love, and I think you will find these to be the most creative and highest quality cat toys you or your kitties have encountered.

Our Mission

To manufacture and distribute high quality and innovative solutions to the pet product market for the benefit and enjoyment of both pets and their owners.

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