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Neko flies cat toys are the best!
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Put the ZING back in your cat’s life!

"For years I have been telling cat lovers that they must play with their cats – because it allows a kitty cat to express his true "catness," and to build communication, trust and affection with the people in his life. I recommend wand toy play in my book, THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects you to Know, especially with a wand toy – although, until recently I had never found a particular interactive cat toy that managed to stand out dramatically above the others - until I discovered Neko Flies."

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Some cats become so enamored and hooked on NEKO FLIES that they have been known to try and get the toy off a shelf by themselves! This is an interactive toy for a human to play with the kitty, so keep your Neko flies tucked safely tucked away in a drawer or closet until you are ready to play with your cat again!
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    Neko Flies are designed as a toy for you and your cat to play with together. The lures at the end are designed to move in a lifelike way which is a great part of their appeal, even to cats who usually are not interested in toys or playing. However, these toys are not intended to be left with a cat to chew or destroy (as she would actual live prey). Once your cat manages to catch a toy you should praise her and then get her to release it right back to you by offering her a really tasty treat - doing a "bait-and-switch" the way you would with a human toddler or a dog who have gotten something you don't want them to possess. Because the Neko Flies lure toys are so enticing to cats, there is a warning that they should never be left anywhere your cat can get to them without your participation. This is a wand toy, not a chew toy! Neko Flies satisfy your cat's primal instinct to hunt and chase - but it is up to you to then protect the lures from your cat's instinct to "kill!"